7 great reasons why a wellness STAYcation in Canada is more enticing (than ever)

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A closer look at why health retreats in Canada are booming

When most people think about traveling, exotic faraway countries come to mind. From the mystical rivers in Burma to the wild animal safari’s in Zambia… wanderlust is only limited by our imagination. Yet traveling in your own country is often overlooked, even though it may have been drummed into us as youngsters.

As we impatiently wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted (and pandemic to be over) adding domestic destinations to your dream list is both exciting and practical.

In this article I’ll share with you 7 key reasons why my weight loss retreat company (Whistler Fitness Vacations) in B.C. gets so many Canadian guests. Traveling in your own country has a host of benefits! And the best wellness retreats in Canada – like Whistler Fitness Vacations – are just as good as American ones. What better way to reconnect with your own backyard, and get to know a part of the country that you’ve never visited!

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wellness staycation in canada - 7 great reasons why a wellness STAYcation in Canada is more enticing (than ever)

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1- You’ll get a new appreciation for Canada

British Columbia is Canada’s western province.

I arrived here as a tourist in 1999 from New Zealand as a wide-eyed teenager chasing snowy mountains and adventure. Its landscape is world famous with every kid in my school learning about B.C. as part of the curriculum. I was intrigued by the bears, pine forests and unique culture. It was in North America, but not American enough to feel foreign. I knew that I could call this place home, so I did. Over 20 years later, I’m still here!

B.C. is defined by its Pacific coastline and glacial mountain ranges. Nature areas offer spectacular hiking and biking trails. Whistler Blackcomb is a major ski resort that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. The scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway links Whistler with Vancouver, at the province’s southern U.S. border.

If you’re Canadian and haven’t seen B.C. yet, Whistler is a great place to start!

2- There’s a good chance that a flight to Vancouver is short

Unless you’re traveling from one of the Eastern provinces, getting to Vancouver International Airport is likely only a few hours in the air. You might also be able to drive here. Traveling a shorter distance on an airplane is helpful to the environment. And lowering your travel pollution makes a global difference to climate change, from fossil fuel consumption through to lowered C02 emissions. But in Canada, asking people to limit their flying for other methods of transportation might not be possible. READ ARTICLE HERE. 

We need to move towards a more sharing and caring way of living on this planet. Doing without the weekend shop in New York might be one of the least painful ways of contributing to that. The first step is to reduce the amount we fly. – Daniel Mittler, Greenpeace.

While there’s no possible way that I could reduce my air travel to a level that environmentalists would high-five me for, I can reduce it when possible. Many Canadians have loved ones all over the country, can’t take the extra time to travel places by land, or like the affordability of cheap flights and cashing in air-miles.

So for eco-conscious travellers, reducing carbon footprint with a wellness staycation in Canada makes sense.

whistler resort weight loss camp - 7 great reasons why a wellness STAYcation in Canada is more enticing (than ever)

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3- It might have tax benefits to your Canadian employer

Both business owners and remote-worker employees at Whistler Fitness Vacations might be able to claim part of their stay. This could either be done if you need to work while at the fitness retreat, or if you’re in an industry that can claim on personal development, Executive Coaching, or weight loss education.

While this is a long-shot, and depends what industry you’re in among other variables, some guests have had success. Check with your accountant for possible deductions with Canadian personal development courses and fitness instruction for improved health.

If your doctor can provide confirmation in writing that you need to lose weight for health reasons, a portion of your weight loss camp might be deductible. We’ve never had a Canadian guest be able to claim their stay at American wellness retreat programs, but several have had luck with us. Please note, Whistler Fitness Vacations doesn’t give any help on this – your accountant needs to check into it based on your individual circumstance.

BONUS! Lots of opportunity to work while here

It’s pretty challenging these days to carve out time to take entire days off, even when visiting a health retreat. Whistler Fitness Vacations attracts many ‘type A’ personalities who juggle many hats, successful career women and business owners who need daily time to work.

Our weight loss fitness retreat gives plenty of time and opportunity for keeping up with work obligations. The fitness retreat schedule runs from 8.30am to 2pm Monday to Friday. Your weekend is 100% free time, which means that you can catch up on pending tasks on your computer.

There’s a business center at the Westin, where our guests are lodged. We’re one of the best wellness retreats for women who have to keep on top of their work obligations while away. The social culture is also steered that way with many of the other health retreat guests also needing designated, focused computer time while here.

4- You’ll experience some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes

Seeking outdoor fun and getting back into shape while wander-lusting is what weight loss retreats are all about.

Whistler Fitness Vacations is a wellness retreat is for women aged 35 and over, who are outside of healthy range and want to use their vacation time to slim down. They hike, bike, kayak and do outdoor fitness classes with like-minded female travellers.

True enough, over the years perhaps walking the Great Wall or bike touring in Italy was a badge of honour. Times have changed. Dust off your list of domestic aspirations and start planning for 2021!

Click here to learn more about our weight loss wellness retreats and Whistler guided hiking tours.

Sami weight loss resorts - 7 great reasons why a wellness STAYcation in Canada is more enticing (than ever)

5- Joining a wellness retreat in Canada is patriotic! And cheaper…

Here are some of the top reasons to support wellness retreats in Canada:

  • Canada has incredible beaches and mountains – wellness retreat programs are on-trend. It’s not true that we’re behind the States for innovation! Canada is innovative and our manufacturers follow latest trends to bring you the most current European designs without having to pay higher prices to bring product from Europe.
  • Cat Smiley Retreats & Coaching provides truly transformational travel that’s respected world-wide. Click here for reviews.   
  • The dollar SUCKS right now to the US. Like… what-the-heck, seriously. We need to get together as Canadians and support each others businesses. When you say yes to working with me, you directly support my business. And when my business is supported, more tax goes to the government… and it’s tiny drop closer to our dollar not being 40%.

More reasons…

  • Joining a wellness retreat in Canada means no ‘wondering’ if the border is going to be open when it’s time to fly home. If something goes wrong, and you need to go to hospital, you’ve got the full infrastructure of your Canadian health plan working for you.
  • Deciding to do a wellness staycation in Canada, creates local jobs. These jobs have a ripple effect of more workers paying taxes, buying other Canadian goods and services and keeping our economy strong.
  • The food plan is familiar, using locally sourced ingredients and brand names that you can continue using back home. The weather is likely similar to your home province also, with the same seasonal produce. Learn about our health retreat menu.
  • It’s patriotic! Something to really feel good about.

6- You’ll make friends closer to home

While global friendships can definitely be an advantage, there’s a downside. Like, that some jokes about Canadian culture just can’t be explained to someone who isn’t from here. And you might want to invite your friends on the health retreat with you to an event that’s important to you – easier for them to accept, if it’s less distance to travel.

Meeting new people is one of the best parts of travelling, but when you live at opposite sides of the world it’s hard to stay in touch. When you make new friends on trips in your own country, there’s more of a chance you’ll keep in contact and catch up again in the near future. – Wanderlust.co.uk

One of the vicious circles that I’ve found is that I miss all the new friends that I make, in foreign countries. For example, I stayed at a yoga/surf retreat in India for two months, and made (what I thought to be) great connections. Between time zone differences and conversation often relevant to their home country, after a few years it became harder to maintain friendships. The Canadians that I met there, I’m still in touch with.

home workout - 7 great reasons why a wellness STAYcation in Canada is more enticing (than ever)

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7- It’ll inspire future trips, and be easier to find friends to do it with

Wellness retreat programs like Whistler Fitness Vacations are wonderful for solo travellers. Yet some become solo travellers out of necessity, not by choice. It’s not always easy to find a friend who wants to go on a women’s wellness retreat on the dates that you want to go. It’s even harder to coordinate with friends with family travel plans.

For this reason, most of our guests join us on their own, knowing that they’ll make lots of great friends here. Many coordinate a second trip together, whether back to our weight loss retreat for a tuneup or elsewhere for a new adventure. This fosters deeper friendships, with like minded women who love active travel and staying fit.

Regardless, once you start traveling in your own country, wellness staycations are hard to stop! You’ll ask yourself why it took you so long to open yourself to new experiences here in Canada.

Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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