Your Coach

Why I love what I do

Coaching is my life’s calling. Client results make me excited as if they are my own – we’re jointly invested in the process.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp allows me to enjoy an active job while getting to know women from incredible backgrounds. We nearly always find a common passion! On our daily hikes I love the shared stories, experiences and chatter about more than what brought us together. It’s very rewarding. 



See for yourself how my training methods and commitment to hard work has allowed me to grow a thriving business.

Licensed, Insured and Experienced.

My biggest career award was being named Canada’s top trainer three times by the International Sports Science Association. Safety is my #1 priority.
  • Highlighted by IDEA in 2012 as the leading female boot camp instructor worldwide.
  • Founder of The Original Boot Camp – Canada’s first fitness boot camp (2001 – 2013).
  • Published 2 books (and 3-DVD series).
  • Weekly fitness column, syndicated to 300+ Canadian newspapers for almost 10 years.
  • Former national ski team member, several World Cups. Professional athlete, 12 years.
  • Certified Master Trainer, Executive Coach, Life Coach, Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Therapist, Sports Conditioning Coach, Athlete Manager and Hiking Guide.
  • All licenses are up-to-date, with Cat Smiley services holding liability insurance to 5 million.
  • Zero-claim work history in 20 years working with high risk customers in adventure-based activity.
Cat Smiley the dog lover fitness coach

Bear essentials

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a collection of my favorite things. Between hiking, fitness, great people and being outside – it’s a job that my dog also loves! Bear (right) is a registered service dog who provides support to our team. Please be aware that he will be with us.

Paco (left) doesn’t come. In some photos you might spot Manchas, who worked at Whistler operations for 11 years, before Bear – same breed.

The biggest part of my job is understanding human behaviour and managing the different social dynamics of what each individual needs in that moment. Bear might be that gentle friend you didn’t know you needed. I look forward to you meeting him!


I’ve owned multiple outdoor fitness companies, since my rocky beginnings in Vancouver, 2001 (read about that here).

The Original Boot Camp was Canada’s first and longest running fitness boot camp, operating for 13 years, 5 towns. My outdoor personal training company K!ck Ass Workouts at one point hired 8 trainers who were booked full time.

Whistler Fitness Vacations welcomed up to 12 guests per week, employing up to 30 people at one point. Humble brag: normally yoga instructors scramble to fill one week of retreat registrations per year. I operated 25-40 weeks a year for 12 years. Without social media or a marketing team. I’m pretty proud of that 🙂

Before COVID, we operated programs with a team of fabulous fitness guides who led various adventures. In Whistler we offered hiking, biking and kayaking fitness tours. I plan to bring back fitness guides post pandemic – similar to below featured past staff.

Avid adventurer

In Whistler, we did ‘all the things’ pretty often – sky diving, bungee jumping, rafting. These days I’m into a more simple life. I ski – Mt. Washington and trail run with my dogs.

Probably my all-time favorite adventure was hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal (2018) with my parents. They’re in their 70’s. When I’m in NZ we go hiking together nearly every day of my visit. Another time I trained as a surfer for 4 months in Asia, doing academies. I like to challenge myself to do 100 days of a new sport sometimes. The picture you see is of me on day 100, surfing in the Maldives.

Other fun trips were training Muay Thai in Thailand and doing my dive course in Samoa.

travel junkey cat smiley

Passionate traveler

I immigrated to New Zealand as a toddler from the U.K. Traveling is part of being a kiwi kid, as we live so far away from the rest of the world. Over 40 countries in my passport later, I can’t wait to hop on a flight again.

One of the most powerful travel experiences as a kid was the Solomon Islands. We lived on a remote island, home schooling, no cars on the island. It taught life lessons.

I take solo adventure trips every few years, between family visits to NZ and shorter trips with my man. He’s not as in love with traveling as I am lol. I’ve also had a few gigs as a travel writer. I immigrated to Canada in 1999.

Former pro skier

I was a professional skier for 12 years with the New Zealand team and independently. I skied about 200 days on snow each year during that time.I competed at the elite level in moguls, aerials, halfpipe, skier X, rails and Big Mountain freeride. Career highlights: Global X Games bronze medalist, World Ski Invitational 5th, US Open 5th, FIS World Cup 5th, 7x NZ national champion spread over Aerials, Moguls, Big Mountain and Half Pipe. 1st Whistler Cup (rail jams). Several top 5 places on Canadian Freeride Tour. I remained in Whistler skiing almost every day in winter after I retired from competing. I also worked as a private instructor for Whistler-Blackcomb adult lessons.

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